The Most Beautiful Day in the World (2019)

  • Comedy, Drama
  • 1h 47m

A modern-day fairy tale, Alessandro Siani (Welcome to the South IFF 2011) directs and stars in a reflective comedy that pays tribute to the world of Italian theatre. Arturo (Alessandro Siani) manages a small theatre, now in decline. When he receives news of an unexpected inheritance from a distant uncle, it awakens in him hope for his future. Yet the mysterious legacy Arturo receives turns out to be not money, but the custody of two young children, Rebecca and Gioele.

While initially unaccustomed to looking after young children, Arturo soon discovers that there is something very magical about them: Gioele possesses amazing telekinetic powers. The magic Gioele can perform is key to solving Arturo’s problems, and has the potential to save his theatre from financial ruin. But danger lurks when the little boy’s talent is noticed by a team of scientists. Helped by his well-meaning but disorganised friends, Arturo fights to protect Gioele, restore his music hall and live…the most beautiful day in the world.


Alessandro Siani


Italian with English subtitles, English